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Businesses and individuals who use computers and the Internet increasingly communicate and conduct business using electronic mail (email) and message transfer protocol (MTP) software programs. These software programs typically allow one or more users on a network to communicate, often in real time, via email, and to transfer or share various types of data, e.g., text, graphics, images, audio, video, and/or files. The transfer or sharing of data can occur between computers and/or between computers and peripherals connected to the computers. Some MTP programs are limited to a single computer on a local area network (LAN), whereas other MTP programs, such as Microsoft Exchange® from Microsoft, Inc. of Redmond, Wash., may be used for email communication between computers on a LAN as well as for email communication over a wide area network (WAN) such as the Internet. In addition, some MTP programs allow individuals or companies to host a web-site that allows a client or users to access the web-site using a computer over the Internet and download files or information to the web-site. A user, i.e., an individual or a company, will typically have a number of email accounts and an email program installed on his/her computer, which are used to communicate and transfer data with various other users. For example, a user may have one email account for personal correspondence and another email account for business correspondence and data. In addition, a user may also have a number of email accounts with various vendors that can be used to download emails from the user's email account(s) to a specific vendor's email account or server. With the increased use of email and the Internet, a user may often receive multiple emails from multiple vendors and multiple email accounts, each of which may have a different email address and/or format. Consequently, the user may be required to manually sort through a significant amount of email to identify and/or access the various email messages in a timely manner. Similarly, a user may have to manually organize the email or other data for later use. Furthermore, due to the use of email for many purposes, including the organization and transfer of information, a user may also be required to download or access email from a server, such as a vendor's server, using the user's email program. In addition, if the user wants to access or use email and other data in a portable or portable handheld device, e.g., a personal digital assistant (PDA) or cell phone




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Descargar Contaplus 2012 Con 49 Magic Normale Naviga

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